How To Charge Your RV’s House Battery With A Generator

So, you’re in your RV and want to turn on the lights, but they won’t come on. In this case, your RV’s house battery is dead. In this article, we’ll discuss how to recharge your RV’s house battery using a generator.

Your house battery is one of those things you only think about when it’s not working. There are a variety of amenities in your RV that are powered by this battery. It is normally charged when you plug your RV into shore power at the campsite. But what if you are out in the boondocks and can’t access shore power? Then, a generator may be a good option for you.

How to Charge The House Battery With A Generator

To charge your RV’s battery using a generator, simply plug in your RV to the generator. Yes, it’s really that easy. The generator will be the power source for your RV, taking the place of shore power. While plugged in, your RV will automatically begin charging up your house battery.

Your RV’s house battery is rechargeable, and your RV is equipped with a battery charger, so you don’t have to replace the battery often (unlike batteries in a flashlight, for example). To make the charging go a little faster, keep off the electrical things in your RV, so more power is directed from the generator towards charging the battery. Depending on how depleted your battery is, it could take a few hours to fully recharge it using this method.

Final Words

We hope this article has helped you to get the lights working again in your RV. It’s always best to understand your equipment and be prepared for your next road trip.