[Complete Guide] How To Make Snow Foam Car Wash At Home

Have you seen someone spraying their car with a thick layer of foam? It looks pretty cool, right? You probably thought it was doing a stellar job of cleaning the car, too (in which case, you’d be correct). In this article, we’ll teach you all about using snow foam on your own car at home. Let’s get started!

There’s nothing better than showing up somewhere in a car that shimmers. But what’s the best way to get your vehicle squeaky clean? Using snow foam is a highly effective technique to attack dirt and grime on your car.

How to Make Snow Foam Car Wash

To snow foam your car, you’ll need a few things: specialized snow foam soap, a snow foam cannon, and a pressure washer.

What is a Snow Foam Car Wash?

Before beginning, let’s understand exactly what a snow foam treatment is. Is it used to wash your car? No, not exactly. It’s actually a pre-wash. That’s right; a snow foam wash isn’t normally used to replace a standard car wash, but instead, prep your car for one. You won’t be doing any scrubbing on your car while using the foam. You’ll just spray it on, let it sit, then rinse it off.

To get started snow foaming your car, you’ll need a bottle of snow foam car wash soap. The snow foam car wash soap will be mixed with water, then applied using a special snow foam cannon that mixes the soap/water mixture with air to create thick foam.

The foam is so effective because it sticks to your vehicle for an extended period of time. That gives the soap plenty of time to attack the grime. It’s also superior because the foam can stick to the underside of parts of your car without running off, like a more liquid solution.

Pre-washing your car with snow foam is recommended, as washing a dirty car with a wash mitt can rub sharp pieces of dirt into your car’s paint, causing scratches. A snow foam pre-wash is a safe way to loosen and lift the dangerous, large pieces of dirt that could get rubbed in.

Make the Solution

To make your snow foam solution, start with a bottle of snow foam car wash soap. There are many to choose from for sale on the market. The manufacturer should list the instructions for exactly how to use it, including the ratio of water to soap to use.

Get a Quality Snow Foam Cannon

Next up, you’ll be needing a snow foam cannon. Snow foam cannons take the snow foam soap and water mixture and mix it with air to create the perfect foam to lather your car. You can adjust the cannon to create a foamier spray and also adjust the spray’s size, narrower or broader. Snow foam cannons will attach to your pressure washer.

Alternatively, there are also snow foam guns. Snow foam guns are less powerful, as they attach to your hose instead of a pressure washer.

Get a Pressure Washer

You’ll now need a pressure washer. Pressure washers produce the power needed to generate your foam and give your car a professional clean. Using the pressure washer, you should spray from about 3 feet away and work from the top of the car downward. For dirtier areas, use a second layer of foam. Choose a pressure washer that has 1,800 to 3,200 psi and has at least a 1.75 GPM flow. After letting the foam sit for about five to ten minutes and do its magic, rinse it off. You’re now ready to give your car a full wash.

As a bonus, there are many other uses for pressure washers when your foaming is done.

Some Extra Tips

Here are some additional tips for your job!

Cool the car down

For best results, foam your car when it is cool to the touch. Foaming in the shade or indoors will help achieve this.

Clean your cannon

Clean your snow foam cannon to keep it running optimally.

Check your water

If you’re picky, you may want to use a hose filter or even distilled water to purify your water. This could help your foam’s performance. Normal tap water is hard water, meaning it’s filled with minerals. This is evidenced by water spots.

Pre-rinse your car

Should you pre-rinse your car before pre-washing it with snow foam? It’s probably a good idea, as it will help knock off light dirt, although not entirely necessary.

Get more/thicker foam

To ramp up your foam levels, there are a few things you can try. Try adjusting your soap-to-water ratio, increasing the soap percentage. You can also adjust your foam cannon solution-to-air setting. Finally, you may try a stronger pressure washer, such as a gas model.

Final Thoughts

So, now you’re ready to get your car cleaner than ever, and have a blast while doing it. Leave your thoughts below. Cheers!